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Charley McElroy, a female-to-male trans spy, is having a midlife crisis. He’s been suspended from the Agency – and yet another marriage proposal has been spurned. On the other side of San Francisco, Electra, a Manhattan socialite-turned-dominatrix is reinventing herself. At the same time Frankie, a lesbian police sergeant, riles up the SFPD for too much whistle-blowing. Before long the three find each other … along with a Christian extremist’s deadly plot to drop sarin on the ‘hedonists’ of San Francisco. Yet neither the SFPD nor the CIA will take the threat seriously due to Charley and Frankie’s outsider status. Will the three be able to save their fellow ‘hedonists’ themselves? Set against San Francisco’s quirky, stunning backdrop, this funny, compelling page-turner keeps readers enthralled right up to its finish.

New Heights Publishing

US  $12.95/ Mystery/Thriller

Authors’ Bios

Suzanne Falter

Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker and blogger who has been writing professionally for more than thirty years. She has published both fiction and non-fiction. Her first novel, was Doin’ the Box Step (Random House.) Her non-fiction titles include How Much Joy Can You Stand? and Living Your Joy (both Ballantine) and more recently, Surrendering to Joy. Her work has been featured in Women’s Day, The New York Times,  Fitness, More and Self Magazine as well as more than 100 radio and television programs.  Suzanne’s online writing and videos can be found on Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest and on her blog at Suzanne lives with her partner in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jack Harvey

Following retirement from a successful career on Wall Street in corporate finance and venture capital, Jack Harvey has turned his attention to fiction and the increasingly popular area of gender dynamics.  In his first novel, Transformed, he is partnering with his cousin, author Suzanne Falter.  Jack and his wife have two grown daughters and live in Manhattan and Connecticut.


Interview Questions

  1. Why did a straight guy and a lesbian decide to write a series about a transgendered spy and a dominatrix?
  2. Why Transformed and why now?
  3. How did you come to co-create this book?
  4. How did you come up with the character of Electra?
  5. What prompted the decision to make her a dominatrix?
  6. What are some of the overall themes in the book?
  7. Why was the book set in San Francisco?
  8. Are there more titles planned in this series?
  9. What are some possible places where future Transformed books will be set?
  10. Is this book a comment on transgendered people serving in the military or intelligence services?