A Spiritual Moment at Notre Dame

IMG_1250This morning I put aside my work and found myself making a beeline for Notre Dame, because suddenly something told me to. When I get those urges, I always listen. And I am so glad I did.

I made my way to Notre Dame and waited in the line outside the door for a long time. When I got inside, an angelic chorus of young women’s voices filled the cathedral. There were probably about twenty of them, a choir of high school girls, and they were nothing less than angelic. As I walked up the side of the cathedral towards them, I could feel the pure, sweet, spiritual ecstasy that has made Notre Dame so beloved for centuries.

I’m not a religious person — but if I were, this might be one of those moments of divine transcendence. For when I got to the transept where they were singing, the familiar opening bars of my favorite piece of music, Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus, poured through the air.

At that moment, I was surrounded by these beautiful windows, and that exquisite music. For once the sun was shining in Paris, and I was filled with the exquisite beauty of this place in this moment.

For this I offer my own quiet Hallelujah.


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