Why Worldwide Chaos Has Arrived

– a Conversation with Shaman Michaela McGivern

A while back on this show, astrologer John Marchesella noted that astrologically we are in a period of deep revolution. In fact, the stars are aligned just as they were in 1776, and they will be for several more years. We͛re certainly feeling that in the U.S. – but we͛re also having more than our share of natural disasters as well, from massive wildfires to historic floods and hurricanes.

These catastrophes seem to be about more than just global warming. From a spiritual perspective, there seems to be the chaos afoot that comes just before our lives become fertile, whole and complete. But then … my shaman is not surprised.

“Chaos is where creativity comes from”,͟ Michaela McGivern says. Her views in this interview may begin with some 10,000-foot views about current politics, but quickly they shift to a far bigger message — about the spiritual lessons of this time we live in. This is a profound time of transformation, as Michaela confirmed with some spot-on channelling from her guides. Together we share thoughts about what these dark times mean for us.

Among other things I learned;

  • How to deal with the current outbreak of worldwide chaos
  • How children in her practice are coping with and understanding the current state of chaos
  • How the desire of having power over another has seeped into the culture
  • How we are changing as a planet and what she sees every day in her practice
  • Shadow activities in governments and within ourselves and how to run us
  • How ͚fallen angels͛ can serve us energetically
  • What all light beings are being called to do now
  • The impact of video games and violent films on our planetary vibe
  • How childhood trauma manifests in adulthood if it͛s not treated early on

It͛s a thought-provoking conversation. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on my Facebook page and look for this podcast about the spiritual lessons of this time we live in.

About Michaela McGivern

For 40 years, Michaela McGivern has worked in medicine. She is both a trained shaman and an occupational therapist in modern hospitals. She is a certified Medicine Bag Carrier and Practitioner of CoreIndividuation. She was trained to be a shaman at The Four Winds and The White Flame Institute. She is a Reiki Level II practitioner, Advanced Theta Healer, and a Certified Sound Healer among other specialities.

You can book a healing live or virtually with Michaela through her website, michaelamcgivern.com

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