The End of Victim Consciousness

– a Conversation with Robert Schwartz

I spent a fascinating half hour with spiritual facilitator Robert Schwartz, discussing his important work. Robert is a gifted regression therapist, and in his BLSR sessions, he connects people to their own unique ‘Council of Elders’. These are assorted beings on the other side – sometimes ascended masters, angels, departed loved ones, and even well known spiritual figures – with whom we make agreements before we are born. 

Those agreements, known as ‘pre-birth planning’, guide many of the big incidents in our lives, including relationships, accidents, addictions, disabilities, illnesses, and even financial stresses. Yet each of these hard experiences are great learning experiences, say our guides. After Robert connects his clients with their own Council, he supports them to understand the circumstances of their lives more fully. 

In this way, they are able to release their victim mindsets and understand the rich opportunities to their situations.  

In speaking with Robert, I learned 

  • What a BLSR (Between Lives Soul Reading) is and why past lives and soul agreements are so critical to our general happiness
  • What the Council of Elders is and what is it like to spend time with them regularly
  • Patterns in BLSR’s he has observed that help us move forward in greater peace and happiness
  • A compelling story about a woman’s accidental encounter with a pipe bomb, and how it changed her life … for the better
  • How pre-birth planning facilitates full forgiveness
  • The ‘big lesson’ that seems to come out of all BLSR’s
  • Why there are ‘mass extinctions’ such as the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami that killed 227,000 people
  • What channels say about the Trump era and how this will impact humanity overall  


About Robert Schwartz

In Robert’s own words:  

As a regression therapist (certified by the International Between Lives Regression Network), I offer Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Past Life Soul Regressions, and Between Lives Soul Regressions to help people heal, resolve life issues, and understand their life plan. I care very much about my clients and infuse my work with compassion and empathy. My books Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (previously titled Courageous Souls) and Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born to explore the premise that we are all eternal souls who plan our lives, including our greatest challenges, before we’re born for purposes of spiritual growth.  

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