How Your Gut Affects Your Innate Happiness   –  with Claudia Mansbach 

Did you know we have more nerves in our belly than in our brain? This is why the belly is often referred to as ‘the second brain’. And why we do ‘gut checks’ when making big decisions. 

This delicate system can actually become clouded or blocked by our anxiety or other emotions, just as easily as by our digestive issues. So says Claudia Mansbach, a 17-year practitioner of the ancient Chinese medicine bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang, Chinese medicine bodywork that focuses on the abdomen and internal organs. 

This would explain, for me at least, why my gut is the first thing to get tense when life stresses me out. Your health, your emotions, your energy, your alignment … and yes, your happiness … are rooted here.  
Claudia’s life work is to help anyone with digestive issues heal them using Chi Nei Tsang. But she also helps people who don’t have ‘gut issues’ per se, but nervous system issues instead.  

Author Allison Post refers to this work as ‘Unwinding the Belly’ and that is what it is at the core. 

People who experience the work fall asleep having their tummy rubbed, and wake up to find their energy restored, their sleep deepened and their digestion much improved.  

Listen to Claudia’s soothing and grounded voice as she explains things like: 

  • Why the ‘core’ of the body is where some of the most powerful healing can happen 
  • How healing the gut can affect the rest of the body 
  • How (and why) anxiety lives in our gut 
  • The connection between grief and anxiety 
  • How stress affects the various organs in the gut … and the entire body   
  • The importance of the solar plexus, and where to find it 
  • How Chi Nei Tsang can actually heal the entire nervous system 
  • The importance of letting go in refining your own gut instinct 
  • How Claudia found this deep work … and how it has changed her 

Please comment below if you, too, store tension and anxiety in your gut, or know that ‘little ball of wired energy’ I have in my own gut. Do you have it, too? 


Claudia believes deeply in the intrinsic ability of our bodies, minds and spirits to heal. She has been learning to live well and in alignment with her body, mind and spirit through the study and application of diverse healing modalities as her life practice. 


Chi Nei Tsang, Chinese Astrology, Tibetan Mantra Healing, Five Element Cooking/Nourishing Within, Spino-Mandibular Equilibration, Breast Wellness Massage, Somanautics Dissection, Therapeutic Touch, Therapeutic Massage, Ergonomics and Creative Movement and Body Correctives. 

Claudia has taught classes in Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals at the University of East West Medicine, Clinical Chi Nei Tsang, Qi Gong, and Qi Gong for Pregnancy as well as Awakening the Pelvis for women. I have also been a guest teacher on cleansing and fertility and for an in-service training at an AIDS healing center. 

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