Finding the Deeper Meaning in Our Grief

– with Uma Girish 

Uma Girish describes herself as a ‘Grief Guide’. Lovingly, she holds space for individuals who are grieving from any number of losses, from divorce to death. This is something she has done beside the dying in hospices, as well. And why? Because her own grief around the death of her parents led her here. 

In 2008, Uma came to the U.S. from India, and within two and a half years both of her parents had died. The shock of the loss put her on an entirely different life trajectory, changing the very core of her values and her sense of purpose in life. 

“Pain is really the portal to purpose,” Uma Girish says in this wonderful interview.  

Besides having an extremely soothing voice, and a supremely gentle manner, Uma is also highly articulate on this subject. Her view is that around death, “…people’s masks fall off.” And so working through the layer of emotions that are unleashed becomes not only critical healing work, but a profound opportunity as well. 

Listen and learn: 

  • Why storytelling is essential to a whole grieving experience 
  • Is there a difference between grieving the end of a relationship and a death? 
  • The incredible value of ritual around grief 
  • How to keep on working and managing everyday life when you feel crushed by grief 
  • How to deal with the brain fog that comes with grief 
  • The cost of not grieving fully … and how to go about a full expression of grief 

Despite – or perhaps because – of the topic, this is an amazingly uplifting conversation. Enjoy! 


Uma Girish is a Grief Guide who supports spiritually-oriented women who are grieving any kind of loss. Her memoir “Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss and Life’s Detours” was published by Hay House. Uma hosts a podcast The Grammar of Grief and is co-founder of the International Grief Council. Visit for more. 


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