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A Podcast about healing, spiritual guidance

and how to be happy before you go …

Before the Afterlife is a podcast posted weekly and covers healing through yoga, shamanism, astrology, spiritual growth, self-help, NDE or near death experience, brain science, and all manner of mystical and practical ways to find happiness.

All episodes are listed below, and link to pages with complete show notes including resources, links, and information on my guests.

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Complete List of Episodes

1. A Shaman Explains How She Travels Between Worlds —  with Michaela McGivern

2. How a Healer Found her Gifts and Why They Matter Now — with Ambujam 

3. An Astrologer’s Take on the Trump Era — with John Marchesella

4. How a Guided Writer With a Mission Became a Massive Best Seller — with Laila Ibrahim 

5. How to Find Your Happy even if You are Not Happy with Your Job — with Shannon Kaiser 

6. The Secret Healing Superpower We May All Have (But May Not Know About) — with Galitta

7. How to Travel the World on Nothing but Guidance and Donations — with Maria Terese

8. How to Be Happy in Difficult Times — with Dr. Puff

9. The Power of Just Being Yourself — with Laura Coe

10. How Exercise Can Reboot Your Brain and Change Your Life — with Will Belew 

11. Living With Zest, Joy and High Productivity — with Tony Wrighton

12. How to Be Remarkably Happier Right Now — with Andrew Matthews 

13. Healing with Angels and All Kinds of ‘High Vibe’ Energy – with Sandra Rea 

14. How to Walk Away from the To-Do List – with Jen Riday 

15. Using Hypnosis to Heal Insomnia (among other things) – with Chel Hamilton, Part 1

16. The Antidote to Fake News – with Chel Hamilton, Part 2

17. A Master Conversation About Letting Go – with Timber Hawkeye

18. How to Go On a Magical Sabbatical, See the World and Change Your Life – with Linda Claire Puig

19. Before the Afterlife Podcast Celebrates Six Months- Top 3 Best Episodes

20. How to Find your Loved Ones in the Afterlife – with Medium, Suzane Northrop

21. How your Gut Affects your Innate Happiness – with Claudia Mansbach

22. A Conversation About Life Lessons – with Deepak Ramola

23. Cracking the Code on Consciousness – with Dr. Eben Alexander

24. Binaural Beats for  Relaxation, Focus and Cosmic Travel – with Karen Newell

25. Her Daughter Got my Daughter’s Heart – an Organ Donation Story with Debi Wobbe 

26. Finding the Deeper Meaning in Our Grief – with Uma Girish

27. Why Worldwide Chaos has Arrived – with Shaman Michaela McGivern

28. The End of Victim Consciousness – with Robert Schwartz

Our theme song was arranged and sung by Teal.

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