The Antidote to Fake News

– with Chel Hamilton, Part Two

Here is the ‘Part Two’ I referred to in my last podcast with Chel Hamiton. Honestly, we had such a fired up conversation going, we just kept recording. And so this episode was born.

It’s on getting real about life

Chel Hamilton, a successful hypnotist and host of the Meditation Minis podcast, says: ‘We are literally being programmed all the time … any time we are on social media, standing in check out surveying candy and magazines, turning on the TV. If we practice getting calm so we can remain clear for most of five minutes, and we then re-engage in life, we can see this life as it really is.’

This statement got me thinking. What if the antidote to the rampant fake news that is now sweeping the world is … meditation?

Can it really walk us back to a more perceptive, less inundated frame of mind, so we can accurately pinpoint what is true and what is false around us?

In this wonderful, wide-ranging conversation, Chel shares her ideas about ‘Knee jerkery’ – the impulse to respond quickly and without thinking. She says the more we can get knee jerked by life, the less we embrace reality.

She notes how belief structures keep us stuck in webs of illusion. These would be the realms of addiction, politics, romance novels, pornography, advertising and compulsive shopping, among other things.

And yet … there is hope.

Take a few breaths, Chel advises. Go back to nature – even if that is looking out the window at a tree. Sit and breathe and reconnect yourself to the planet. That’s where re-acclimating your senses begins.

What I learned in this episode:

  • How we are literally ‘sensing beings’
  • Scientific proof that everything is vibrational around us
  • What does it mean to see life as it really is?
  • Why do children speak pearls of wisdom – seeing life as it really is – when we can’t?
  • How to navigate these times of Fake News
  • The simple meditation practice that helps us reground
  • What’s happening when we binge on TV, food, alcohol, etc



Che Hamilton is the founder of Columbus Ohio Hypnosis. She has been practicing as a full-time Hypnotherapist since 2007. Before that, she worked with alcoholics and drug addicts for over 11 years helping them overcome their addictions and recreate their lives.

In addition to seeing clients one-on-one, she also teaches classes in weight loss hypnosis four times a year through the Upper Arlington Life Long Learning Program. Chel speaks at events and schools about hypnosis, hold day-long workshops in subjects such as Past Life Regression Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis for Sports Performance, and more.

Chel sees clients ages 8 to adult for a wide variety of issues and offers a mix of weekend, evening, and daytime appointment hours.

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