Transformed: Paris

“Transformed Paris has what it takes to be a fascinating adventure. I recommend it to those who love plenty of sex scenes, danger, and a good mystery.”

Danielle Urban

“Each character in the book had unique personalities and habits and tendencies that the readers can relate to throughout the storyline. You want sexual tension, this novel has it; you want intrigue, you can find it here; you want loveable characters, look no further! This novel has it all from espionage to kidnapping to love, found and lost then found again, you have it all.”  

Peggy Corino

“I love the premise for many reasons but it all revolves around Charley and his pansexual desires. The authors bring to life a fun, flirty, exciting man (who happens to be transgendered) and all that comes with that. He loves Electra yet his infidelity and sexual needs could betray the one woman who loves him unconditionally.”

N.N. Light

Transformed: Paris

Want to know what’s next for Charley & Electra?

It’s vin rouge, mousse au chocolat and Dickie, Dame of Borque.

She’s a purple-haired British expat with an attitude … and a taste for dirty bombs.

Has Electra met her match?

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