Here’s a question for you: Are you stretching and growing or are you staying stagnant? Not quite sure? It’s hard to tell sometimes … isn’t it? Here are a few sure signs that you’ve expanded

Your present situation does not feel correct. Perhaps it is your job, or your environment — your home or workplace. Or maybe it’s your relationship. Something feels too tight – as if you are being squeezed … like you’re wearing a coat that is too small.

You and your partner or your family used to have shared beliefs. Where did they go? Now the thoughts and ideas that helped you bond have been replaced by a widening gap fueled by arguments. What was once common has somehow expired.

You find yourself feeling impatient. It’s that foot-tapping, get-me-out-of-here feeling … You might be tired of being alone, if you are single. Or perhaps a work or love relationship tires you. You have an urgent sense that you should be somewhere else. And that feels uncomfortable.

You wake up with ideas and inspirations that feel scary but real. Mornings used to be just groggy … but now you waken with fresh inspirations. Or perhaps they show up in the middle of the night. They can be scary because they mean big changes. But they feel right in your gut at the same time.

Signs come out of nowhere pointing the way. You are beginning to notice coincidences and chance meetings that pop up out of nowhere. Relevant hunches, dreams and symbols are all signs from Spirit that you are on the right track.

People you once got along with easily now annoy you. It could be that you used to capitulate to those around you who challenged your desires of beliefs. Or perhaps another’s passivity was welcome because you could pursue your own agenda easily. Some old acquaintances may no longer fit.

You have an insatiable urge to go within and spend time alone. This may feel new but it is right to be alone with yourself. There are a lot of feeling to do and thoughts to sort out, so you find yourself journaling, exploring. Maybe even writing creatively, or picking up a paintbrush. Something new is happening here.

You are drawn to teachers. They may be authors of personal growth books, yogis, ministers, rabbis, speakers or spiritual teachers – or even wise friends. Your longing to connect with someone who can point the way feels imperative.

You have insights about others and that you never had before. Sometimes these flashes of clarity are stunning. You can see how someone’s behavior set off a string of upsets, or how others around you are caught in traps of their own making. You can see your role in this dance as well.

This is it. There is a feeling that time is wasting and you have to get on with this transition. You must act now or the moment will be lost. So it’s now or never.

How much of this sounds familiar? If you related to more than three on this list of possibilities, sounds like you are having a much-needed growth spurt. And growth is not without discomfort and even pain at times.

The key is to remember that you are not alone. No matter where you are or what you are doing in life, there is support at hand. Talk to friends, reason things out. Seek professional or group help where it makes sense.

Above all know this: It IS safe to be you at this exact time and place … and all you have to do is show up and let this process of growth happen. That is the miracle of life, is it not?

Finally, you are in a guided process; Spirit’s got your back.

And so do I.

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