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The Guide to Exquisite Self Care

suzannefalterebookcover I used to think of self-care as a special treat — something I only bought myself occasionally. Back then it took the form of a massage or a much anticipated spa day.

I couldn’t afford it, I always told myself. Anyway, I had children to take care of, mouths to feed and a business to run. Self-care seemed like a low priority and a big, fat indulgence.

Then my life fell apart. I lost my business, my marriage ended, I moved to the other side of the country and my daughter suddenly died, all in short order.

That is when I discovered that true self-care doesn’t require untold sums of money. What it requires is willingness.

Self-care is all about learning to listen deeply and then trusting the answer that comes, no matter what.

Join me as I share with you the precious lessons I discovered and learn my tips on how to bring more self-care into your life.