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Suzanne’s Books

Surrendering to Joy; My Year of Love, Letting Go & Forgiveness

Read a sample of the book that has helped so many people find their way back to happiness after a terrible loss. A collection of Suzanne’s essays written in the year following her daughter Teal’s death.

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Transformed: San Francisco

Charley’s a transman spy who’s been suspended. Electra’s a socialite-turned-dominatrix rebuilding her life. Together they uncover a plot against the ‘hedonists’ of San Francisco. Can they get anyone to listen to them … or are they on their own?

Recognition received:

Rainbow Awards: Best Transgender Book Runner-Up

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Transformed: Paris

Transman spy Charley is in Paris to stop a Neo Nazi dirty bomb plot, but his lover Electra soon finds a group of sinister expats. Then she promptly disappears. Charley is frantic to find her — and the dirty bombs — hidden in the City of Light.

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Transformed: POTUS Imagines the First Post- Trump President

— a Little Humor for Trying Times

What if the first Post Trump President was a tech-guru turned politician who also happens to be a sex addict? And what if he had trouble hanging on to the nuclear codes while partying in his version of Camp David … Las Vegas?

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