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“Filled with straight talk, lighthearted humor, and a wealth of practical advice, Suzanne’s book will not only inspire you to take action now, it will give you the courage and the energy to make the process fun!”

Cheryl RichardsonAuthor, Take Time for Your Life

“Joy is everywhere around us. Suzanne Falter teaches each of us how to reach out and grab some!”

Laurie Beth JonesAuthor, Jesus CEO

“Use How Much Joy Can You Stand? as your mentor! It elegantly shows you how to let go of suffering and accept joy.”

SARKAuthor, Succulent Wild Love

Surrendering to Joy; My Year of Love, Letting Go and Forgiveness

On an August night in San Francisco, a 22-year-old named Teal collapsed from a sudden, unexplainable cardiac arrest. Six days later she died, but not before a spiritual unfolding began that changed the life of her mother forever.

Suzanne is this mother … and these essays — each one a personal touch into the divine –chart her path as she confronts painful events she’s been avoiding, and opens herself up to more joy than she ever thought possible. A truly inspiring book for anyone who is grief stricken, facing major life shifts, or simply looking for more peace and joy in life.

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“Each piece was so intimate, it felt as if I was having a late-night, fire-side conversation with a dear friend.”

Cynthia Ryals

“The healing I have received from Surrendering to Joy is amazing.”

Maryann Candito

“Your book made me cry in a good way.”

Amanda Maynard

“Suzanne’s words soothed me, helped me to feel the perfection of this eternal moment.”

Kate Evans

How Much Joy Can You Stand?
How to Push Past Your Fears and Create Your Dreams

How Much Joy Can You Stand? has sold more than 75,000 copies worldwide. It was a One Spirit Book of the Month and featured in Self, New Woman and Woman’s Day. This little wonder-book helps anyone push past the mental sludge that keeps them stuck with encouraging pep talks and sound philosophy. Read it and you’ll truly have no excuses about finding and living the dream in your heart. An excellent book to keep beside your desk — or wherever you need daily shots of inspiration. Written in 25 short, powerful chapters that really do motivate you to keep on moving in the right direction!

To read a sample of  How Much Joy Can You Stand, click here.


Tips on how to bring more self-care into your life – today.

Self-care is all about learning to listen deeply and then trusting the answer that comes, no matter what.

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