How I Learned to Believe

buring love noteRecently I watched a video about a woman who had a Near Death Experience. She said something that rang through my head and made me pause the video. I scribbled it on the back of a receipt …

                               Your job in life is just to breathe and not resist.

 I know exactly what this woman is talking about. That is my job and yours, as well – it really is the path to the enduring happiness. I learned this after ‘losing’ everything, including my precious daughter, Teal.

Life must adjust itself sometimes to get back in alignment, much like tectonic plates need to shift and earthquakes happen.

Teal needed to die; she had done her work in the body she was given. My business needed to end so I could return to my writing. And the toxic relationship that was hurting my soul couldn’t go on for one more minute.

We simply need to breathe and allow, even when we can’t see the immediate path to, say, earning a living. An example …

Last week I launched my Back to Joy Healing Group – and one person signed up, God bless her. Just one.

The fervent crowds that huddled in my imagination did not show, despite making what I thought was a ‘good’ offer. Yet, I made a critical mistake – I forgot that I have become an entirely new person in my rebirth.

I simply can’t go conduct my business in the old way. I no longer believe in the Internet Marketing model that says ‘Throw up an offer and they will come rolling in and you will make lots and lots of passive income being a pundit!’

I no longer even believe in being a pundit. What I believe in now, more fervently than ever, is listening to Spirit and allowing myself to breathe, show up and do what’s asked.

I believe in something Teal wrote in one of her journals: Give fearlessly and you shall never want.

I checked in with Spirit after it became clear that my launch failed. Show me what to do, I prayed as I drifted off to sleep. Show me how to serve people and make a living – without being an ego-driven pundit.

When I woke up seven hours later, there was Spirit, patiently whispering in my ear.

Your program failed because you tried to sell healing. You must give it away for free.

“But what about income?” I sputtered. “Surely I’m supposed to sell something … aren’t I?

You will be provided for, Spirit simply said.

You will be provided for.

There’s that lesson again — to simply allow and the path will be shown. Which is exactly how the last two years of my life have been. Money has appeared from unexpected sources again and again, and I am living comfortably, without spending my retirement. I truly want for nothing.

And not surprisingly, the way has been shown again once more.

Just as my would-be program crashed and burned, I was offered a great speaking opportunity in a surprising niche. It’s one that could potentially lead to many more gigs like it, providing me with ample income and an excellent platform for helping people.

Did I expect this? Not at all … In fact, I had no idea such a niche even existed. It just showed up.

Your job in life is just to breathe and not resist.


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  1. Daina Puodziunas
    Daina Puodziunas says:

    Hi Susan ~ I've been going through a very similar thing. So humbling in such a good way. I'm receiving the exact same message after marking my but off and doing all of the things I was told to do for my business by "experts". Thank you so much for sharing this! So nice to know one is not alone in their process sometime. Enchanted Blessings To You Dear One!!

  2. Sue Urda
    Sue Urda says:

    Dear Suzanne,
    Thank you for sharing your journey and yourself. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Your vulnerability inspires me, and although I haven't made my own leap of faith – yet, I am dangling on the edge.
    with much gratitude for you,

  3. Stephanie Rainbow Bell
    Stephanie Rainbow Bell says:

    THANK YOU! Thank you for being honest and telling the Truth about your launch. And THANK YOU for sharing your awareness and process afterwards. Despite the fact that for the better part of nearly 5 years now, I have been financially supported by what I call GRACE, I still struggle much of the year with wondering whether my finances will hold out. And yet, in the moments of clarity, I am told over, and over, and over again …. "Dear Steph, you go where you are directed in your heart, and We will take care of the rest." And They have! Brilliantly! And tho I do not serve masses of people, it is VERY clear, that what I do for the few, makes a massive positive difference in their lives. And I always feel best when I remember to follow the message you heard and shared, with a slightly different wording ….. "My job in life is just to breathe and ALLOW."

    Namaste and Rainbow Blessings to you Suzanne 😀

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