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Self Care For Post Menopausal Women

An interesting thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been tangoing with menopause. Everything is different and I do mean everything. Even how I approach exercise and chocolate has changed. I had to do a radical rewrite on my own self-care playbook. If you’re a woman of a certain age, perhaps you relate? For one thing, I […]

How To Stay Calm in the Trump Era

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump and I’m scared. I feel vulnerable and shaky … and really uncertain what the future brings. Some days I can barely work because I’m so distracted and worried. And yet … this is the chaos that often happens before a very big shift in the public consciousness. It’s the […]

How to Talk Yourself Out of a Funk

Okay, everyone, repeat after me. We are good and wonderful people – even WHEN we feel like hell. I woke up with the blues the other day, and had a profound experience of finding my way back to some good and loving self-kindness. Here are the steps I took. May they serve you well the […]

Business Self Care Hacks for a Fresh New Year

I don’t know about you, but when a new year begins, I raise my head up, look around, and shake off the old sludge. And suddenly I  realize my office is full of dog hair, the storage on my phone and my computer are gone, and my passwords are a disorganized mess. Furthermore, my to-do’s are […]

How to Get Along at Dysfunctional Family Get-Togethers (the Buddhist Version)

For many holiday seasons over the past 15 years I’ve published variations on this essay. This year, in honor of the wonderful Buddhist sangha I joined at the East Bay Meditation Center, I’ve crafted this variation. Ah, family. We can’t live without them, yet sometimes we can’t really live with them, either. Especially at the holidays, […]