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You Matter More Than You Think You Do

As we move out of the shock of losing our daughter Teal and into the reality of living the rest of our lives without her,  it feels right to share some observations of what happened out in the world as this all unfolded. Particularly on Facebook. Basically healing of so many kinds has happened — […]

An Extraordinary Gift for Us All

Two weeks ago, our 22-year-old daughter, Teal, was struck down by two unexplainable cardiac arrests. She was without a heartbeat for a long time, alone in the bathroom of her shared apartment, before her roommate broke down the door and saved her life. She died six days later from irreversible swelling to her brain. I […]

The Great Stevia Round Up

Let’s admit it … the pursuit of a life without sugar can be hard sometimes. Very hard. You remember the good old days fondly, of hot fudge sundaes, cookie pig outs and heaping teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee. Ah, but, your adrenals had other ideas. And now you’re off sugar … indefinitely. […]

A Love Letter to My Ex-Husband

Dear Sweetie: Today I filed our divorce papers, and so it seems appropriate at this particular moment, to acknowledge you … and us. First, I want to thank you for an extraordinary few decades. You opened me up when I was a emerging, tentative, both blustery and vulnerable 25 year old. You saw something in […]

Are You Ready to Come Down Off Your Mountain?

Would you like a life that is as sweet as honey far more of the time? Would you like seamless relationships that flow in a river of harmony … even when one of you has your nose out of joint? The answer is to melt. Yes …melt. As in stop deciding you are right all […]


Here’s a little something I shot from the road about the unexpected insights I’m getting from being unplugged from all of my old structures.

Are You Always Looking for an Artificial Happy Fix?

Have you ever noticed the truth in life … that no matter how much we have, it’s not usually enough? I think back to when I was a junior copywriter in New York in 1980 earning $14,000 a year. Boy that was hard … my parents had to subsidize my rent; I lived on eggs […]

Seen in a Freezer in Montara, CA

Recently while on the road I stayed at a very interesting house by the beach owned by an artist and collector. So why wouldn’t she have a diorama in her freezer, complete with (very cold) rubber polar bears?  

The Vulnerability Pact

I spent a recent weekend in a very cool town called Sebastopol, north of San Francisco, that I’m seriously thinking of moving to. And why? Because it’s full of warm people I can really relate to. Here’s proof … For the first time in a long time, I went to dinner with a group of […]

Are You Ready to Begin the Spiritual Diet?

Dear busy, distracted, slightly frazzled reader who has probably had enough … First of all, I’m glad you are here. I deeply appreciate you – really. I know you because you are me. I, too, have stood knee deep in mental sludge, grabbing on to dark chocolate like it is some kind of savior. I, […]

The Fine Art of Being Alone

I think I’m finally growing up. Yes … really … at the ripe old age of 53. And I know this to be true because now I am learning to be truly alone. Even when the bottom has fallen out of my little world, which it did the other day. I have always rejected being […]