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The Patriotism of Listening

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. “ Thomas Paine wrote these words in December of 1776 … and of course they are as true today as they […]

What Wildfires Can Teach Us About Life

  There is a huge amount of destruction going on in the world right now. Between earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, we thought we’d seen the worst of it. Then California started burning up.  In the last week, the biggest wildfires in California history burned out of control 30 miles to the north, consuming forest, homes, roads, wineries, and pretty […]

Her Daughter Got My Daughter’s Heart — a Tale of Two Mothers

This week I did a podcast episode that is particularly personal  for me. In it, I have the privilege of interviewing the mother of Amera, the young woman who received my daughter Teal’s heart and kidney after her death. As one mother to another, Debi and I certainly connect out of simple empathy for the […]

My New Satirical Novel is Out … WHAT?

Okay, admit it. You are used to thinking of me as a warm, vulnerable, touchy-feely sort of blogger who shares her deepest stuff. Right? And yet … I’m also a novelist who writes quirky, funny, page-turning spy thrillers Along with my collaborator, Jack Harvey, we created a series called Transformed. In it we like to […]

Do You Know Your Place in the World? (And Why It Matters)   

Do you know where you stand among the seven billion people who live on this planet?   It’s an interesting question, especially for us overfed Westerners. For me, it’s been a long, slow journey to understand that there actually are other people in the world.   It’s like this great old New Yorker cover, painted by Saul Steinberg.  To the average myopic New Yorker, the […]

10 Ways to Stop Being ‘Insanely Busy’

Today’s episode is all about taking a break from the grind, whether that’s a much needed lunch break of the 10-month sabbatical my guest managed to take. Rest has been proven again and again to increase our well-being dramatically … and yet, we don’t do it. Here’s a reprint of my post popular article on […]

Are You a Wounded Decision Maker?

Throughout most of my life, I made decisions based on one thing: how I felt in the moment. Turned out to be a bad idea. Back in my early twenties, when I was starting out as an advertising copywriter, I chose to work for an abusive jerk in one of the most notorious hack agencies in New York. It […]

How to Stop Trying to Get Meditation ‘Right͛’ … and Just Relax

I used to be a really busy meditator. You know the type. I could barely sit still because I was so busy feeling my divine energy consume my body, moving me this way and that. Or I was constantly opening my eyes, focusing on this timer or that crystal to keep my meditation ‘on track’ and perfect. Or […]

The Value of a ‘Why Not’ List 

One of the big illusions about life is that somewhere out there … it’s better. Someone other than me is working harder, delighting more readers, and generally looking a lot hotter. And so, presumably, they are on track to be the so-called winner. Maybe they even get to take home a big stuffed bear. A […]

The Thirty-Minute Exercise That Helped Me Forgive and Forget

There are people in this life who make me weary. You know who I mean — the lover who discarded me; the boss who denigrated me. Even the kids who relentlessly bullied me in grade school. For many years, there was an entire cast of characters in my psyche I thought I was done with. […]