Soothing Thoughts for People With Anxiety

You know what the trouble is with anxiety? You’re often stuck in the locked closet of your thoughts. Even if someone is right next to you, saying consoling things – you may not be able to hear them.

It can be that bad.

For me, it helps to have a rational thought in the house.

I wrote this list as something to keep on hand … to help you and me break the logjam of our own thoughts.

Someone else has had this problem before. You are not the only one who’s ever had this concern. Furthermore, it’s been solved before and it will be solved again … potentially by you. Worse comes to worse, you can ask for help from people with more experience.

You are not alone. Whatever your situation is, someone out there cares about you. Even if it’s someone you haven’t spoken to in a very long time. Thoughts are like bridges that connect people through time and space. So why not reach out?

It’s not as bad as you think it is. Whatever is on your mind, know that minds tend to exaggerate things. Yes, things may be mighty painful right now. But remember, your perceptions often magnify the risk – especially if you suffer from anxiety. Out there in the rest of reality, life goes on. People move forward. You will, too.

This is what breakthroughs look like … before they happen. You know that old saw about things being ‘the darkest before the dawn”? Turns out to be true. Ask anyone.

You will be okay. You really, really will. This is just a moment in time, a day in your life, and not your fixed reality for the next thirty years. Even if it seems like it is. You and I both know it’s not.

Why not breathe? Why not just take 3 deep breaths right now? This will help your sympathetic nervous system – which activates your adrenaline – to slow down. You’ll notice an immediate shift.

Tomorrow actually is another day. If you’ve had a bad day – even for no particular reason – there’s always tomorrow. The good news is that you’re still here and life goes on. Your body will have another 10 to 50 trillion new cells … and so, in essence, you will be all shiny and new again.

Hang in there, my friend. Whatever is going on, you will find your way. You truly will.

Please feel free to add a few soothing thoughts of your own just below.

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