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What It Means to Be a Mother

Mom Luke Teal lakeWhen you get to be a mother, every last aspect about your life changes. You are no longer a free wheeling satellite in the world. Instead you are part of a unit – a family – with or without a spouse.

Your tiny plot of earth on which you stand just got doubled, and you can no longer think about only you.

For the next 18 years you will continually be called upon to be bigger, smarter, kinder, more sensitive, more mature, and far more loving.

You will get your hands dirty. Really dirty.

You will find yourself sobbing from frustration at times. Or worse, sounding just like YOUR mother.

You will amaze yourself with your patience sometimes … and other times you will appall yourself.

If you’re paying attention, your heart will expand further and further until sometimes it seems as if it will burst.

You will know the deepest wonder in life – the creation of a human being from just a few small cells. And you will touch God in a way you’d only previously imagined.

Because you will be called forth to be your best every single day, you will be grateful.

For this really IS the purpose of life – to rise up and be the best you can be. And no one asks you to do that more than kids.

This Mothers’ Day let us thank our own children — bringers of light and believers in the truth.